投资职责 投资职责 投资职责 差价合约(CFDs)是以差数进行交易的复杂金融产品。由于杠杆缘故,交易差价合约需要承受亏损的高风险,78.90% 的零售客户在交易差价合约CFDs产品时有所亏损。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受亏损的高风险。 差价合约 (CFD)是以差数进行交易的复杂金融产品。由于杠杆缘故,交易差价合约需要承受亏损的高风险,80.59% 的零售客户在交易差价合约CFDs产品时有所亏损。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受亏损的高风险。
交易职责: 投资差价合约CFDs产品有重大的亏损风险。

FxPro: 2018 in review

2018 was yet another year of success, achievements, and progress. FxPro continued to strive for the goal of becoming the World’s #1 broker and confirmed that status with a number of professional awards.

Walk of Fame

Along with having received the “Most Trusted Forex Brand” title by Global Brands, two more prestigious annual prizes were added to FxPro’s collection: “Best Forex Technical Excellence” from the UK Forex Awards and the “Best FX Broker” from Shares Awards.

There are several reasons that FxPro was honored with those trophies. In just a year the Group has:

- Managed to open MENA Limited, the 4th subsidiary of FxPro Global Markets;
- Received its 5th official license and launched a new office in Dubai (other ones are based in the UK, Monaco, Cyprus and the Bahamas);
- became the Official sponsor of the McLaren F1 ™ team.

Unbeatable performance

In 2018, Global Brands once again awarded FxPro with the “Best Execution Provider of the Year”. An independent committee was called in to analyze thousands of trading orders, randomly selected them from the 250’000’000 already executed in our company.

This is as fast as Formula 1 drivers race. It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that FxPro is once again sponsoring the McLaren F1 ™ team.

FxPro Chief Marketing Officer Ilya Holeu commented:

“FxPro has always been the innovators in everything we do, starting with a large number of world-class sponsorship activities up to what values we put in our name, how we do business and what conditions we offer to our traders. Sports sponsorships have been an important part of our development strategy for a long time, and this collaboration with McLaren F1 ™ is definitely a historic step in this direction.”
New information products

In the past year, FxPro analysts have been conducting two online video courses for traders from Italy, UAE, Germany, Indonesia and other countries.

The FxPro News ( website was launched with daily updates and exclusive market outlooks, expert commentaries, technical analysis tips and other useful tools such as quotes, an economic calendar, market alerts, and online radio.

All of the above achievements made it possible for the international trading community to honor FxPro with the “Best Forex Trading Experience” trophy at the UK Forex Awards ceremony.

The FxPro team expresses gratitude for your trust in what we’re doing. Let’s strive for new goals in 2019 together!

Charalambos Psimolophitis
Ilya Holeu